Hi! I’m Johnson.

Johnson Fung
2 min readNov 4, 2018


Currently, I’m the VP of Design and Product Innovation at Pathstream, building the best-in-class immersive learning platform for digital skills.

Previously I was the Head of Learn at Adobe in San Francisco, building features for Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. I led a brilliant team of product managers, designers, and engineers.

I love my partner, and she loves our cat.

I’m a compulsive creator.

I started a non-profit summer high school in Canada. The Grammaticus combines my two loves of philosophy and innovation, and it’s one of American Express and Ashoka’s Top 20 Emerging Social Innovations.

I was the co-founder and creative director of The Message Studios, an interactive design firm. We won some awards and traveled around the world while we worked.

I coded a Medicare Simulator to educate retirees and their families about how different medical insurance plans would(n’t) cover their costs.

My first business sold pirated movies to high school teachers.

I also sing.

I’m a passionate advisor for early-stage start-ups.

Eden asks me for strategic advice. They’ve raised $40M to transform the way offices are managed.

Hirah and I scheme about scaling a media company for minorities. We launched Amplify, the first national conference for storytellers of color.

I helped Guild Education tell their story. They’ve since raised $228M to offer college degrees as an employment benefit.

I guide the strategy and product development for Strong Project, the premiere modern office dealer in Los Angeles.

I try to advise my sister-in-law on how to tell funnier jokes.

I moonlight on audacious plans to improve the world.

I help SheEO with brand and product. They are on track to distribute $1B to female entrepreneurs around the world.

Purpose Capital invited me to produce the The Canadian Impact Investing Guidebook.

I built the Canadian Entrepreneurship Initiative’s digital experience, launching the campaign with Jonathan Glencross, Ruma Bose and Richard Branson.

I’ve consulted for The U.N. Envoy for Education to leverage technology in the education systems of developing nations.

The world has since gone downhill, so I’m going to try harder.

Sometimes, I’m invited to speak at cool events.

Finally, I love learning.

I did my M.B.A. at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, my M.A. Education at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education, and my B.A. & Sc. in Philosophy and Biology at McGill University.

I’m currently learning how to code in React, and how to make Indian food in a way that doesn’t taste like watery Chinese food.

Tell me about you!